Camair Co Flights

Camair Co Informations

Camair Co Fleet: 3 aircraft

Camair Co Fleet Details:

Aircraft Type Aircraft Aircraft Number
Boeing 737 Boeing 737-700 2
Boeing 767 Boeing 767-300 1

Camair Co in-flight services and entertainment:

Camair Co baggage (allowance, excess fees) :

Hub : Camair Co operate mainly from Douala airport (DLA).

Douala (DLA / FKKD)

Full Name : Cameroon Airlines Corporation

Fleet Age (years) : 10.1

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Airport codes


Trip dates

Flights Yaounde Douala NSI - DLA R650 20 December to 04 January
Flights Yaounde Douala NSI - DLA R630 06 to 09 December
Flights Yaounde Douala NSI - DLA R996 06 December
Flights Yaounde Brazzaville NSI - BZV R11718 06 to 09 December

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